Mechanical Engineering Services

Product Design

We can design from the scratch as per the customer requirement. Fresh ideas with a global market Perspective. Our design process also facilitates keeping a constant product vision that aims at achieving a successful product. The team comes with a diverse cultural and design background having created products across multiple domains for global clients.

Jigs and Fixtures Design

Fixtures are the integral to all manufacturing environments and play a vital role within manufacturing process. Generally designed to perform a specific task or aid some process. We have expertise in the design and manufacture of jigs and fixtures that can be tailored to suit client needs. We help the companies to realise their concepts into reality, by providing cost effective, time saving and quality ensured engineering solutions.

Our Expertise :

  • BIW fixture design
  • Welding Fixture
  • Assembly Fixture
  • Checking Fixture
  • Hydraulic Fixture
  • Pneumatic Fixture
  • Testing fixture and automation

Tool Design

The design of dies employed to stamp and form parts of sheet metal, assemble parts together and perform variety of other operations.

Our Expertise :

  • Blank development or strip layout
  • Blanking, piercing tool
  • Draw and forming tool
  • Trimming tool
  • Flanging tool
  • Re-striking tool
  • Cam Tool
  • Progressive tool

Mould Design and Development

We provide the best design solutions for your mould and Die design requirement.

Our Expertise :

  • Injection Mould Design
  • Sand casting Die Design
  • Gravity Die Casting Design
  • Pressure Die Casting Design (PDC, LPDC)
  • Press tool

Rapid Prototyping

After CAD and CAE, physical prototypes are required in PD. Physical prototypes are required in a short period of time to meet various need of PD. We have strong collaboration with vendors in the areas of Dies, and tool manufacturing and prototyping

Our Expertise :

  • Stereo lithography (SLA)
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)
  • Selective laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  • Solid ground curing (SGC)
  • 3-D Inkjet Printing (3DP)

Reverse Engineering-

We have the capability to reverse engineer the existing parts by using the latest technology in measurement through digitizing and scanning. UFT can also find out the hardness, surface finishes, metallurgy and measure dimensions very accurately.

Our Expertise :

  • White Light Scanning
  • Laser scanning
  • Digitizing
  • Surface Development
  • Detailing

Manufacturing Support

We can reduce time to market and optimize costs in manufacturing by providing solutions that are cost effective and enable to meet the stringent manufacturing requirements.

Our Expertise :

  • Manufacturing Process Planning
  • CNC Programming 3 axis and 5 axis
  • Re engineering

Technical Publication

We have the capability to provide support to our customers in the creation of engineering documentation of their products.

Our Expertise :

  • Documentation
  • Assembly instructions
  • Manufacturing instructions
  • Process Documentation
  • Illustrated parts list
  • Repair Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Service Manual
  • Operator Manual.
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